What is GooJav ?

An implementation of Google Co-op for Java based searches.
Why GooJav ?
  1. By developers for developers. For Java developers those who want java based results tailored by developers
  2. You too can contribute to your search results (Really nice)
  3. Search results refined based on tags

Why not Google?

Google results are based on diversified topic. Let's see a practical scenario, suppose you want to search for Networks in java, Google lists all from computer networks to social networks, so your actual results may hidden somewhere inside some pages. But GooJav is tailored to show results based on Java and also you refine search your results based on tags.

So What, How it's useful to me ?

Yeah, good but reasonable question. Here is your answer.

  1. You will get more relevant search results
  2. Since sites are indexed by other developers you can stand happily on their shoulder without pain
  3. You can also contribute to your search results by indexing for your future searches
  4. Some nifty tools are here to help you search from your browser toolbar or Quick search
  5. Compare various searches using New Ajax search
  6. You can also subscribe to GooJav so whenever you searches in logged in Google account